Welcome to Good Fences

Good Fences is an upcoming geographical based social media platform designed to bring communities together in a positive way by giving users access to information on local events, fundraising, community programs and social events based off a combination of geographical location and positive neighborhood impact as decided by the Good Fence’s user community.

Who is Good Fences for?  Well, everyone.  The Good Fences social network is being designed from the ground up for a very specific purpose; to allow users to get the most out of social media by focusing on the areas they live and work. The need to be involved in the community you live in is as important today as it has ever been. Good Fences is designed as a tool that integrates all of the important information a member of any community needs to stay engaged locally.  

The upcoming Good Fences app, your gateway to the Good Fences community, is currently in development for iOS, Android and Web.  The Good Fences app is planned to launch across all platforms this fall.  In the meantime, we at Good Fences feel it's important to start our community now!  Our blog section is a sampling of content that you will find on the Good Fences network.  Head over to our Beta Sign Up page and be among the first in your community to beta test the Good Fences app.  Sign up for our Newsletter to stay up to date on Good Fences launch and important information about the upcoming network.  

Good Fences mission is simple:  Let's all be better neighbors.  We look forward to connecting with you!

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