• Brian S.

Good Fences & Blockchain

What will Good Fences do with my data? Is it Safe?

We have thought a lot about this and want to make Good Fences as safe as possible for any data that you may give it. Ultimately, the events that you host, the groups you form and the posts that you make are out in the public for those closest to you to see. This is natural for social media, because it is… social. Good Fences, however, also uses some information to power its algorithm and give you the most curated, custom user experience possible. We decided in the early stages of design and development that your data belongs to you, and we thank you for letting us use it to give you a better Good Fences user experience. It stays between you and us.

At a time where information is being used as currency, we wanted to make sure that we could gather the information that we need, in the safest way possible, in order to generate the best user experience possible. In short, we want Good Fences to be amazing for you, and we want you to feel comfortable and secure using it.

Enter Blockchain

You have probably heard of Blockchain. The short version, its like a Fort Knox for data protection. Many say that it is an untouchable method of protecting data. We have made the decision to keep what data we do have to collect on a Blockchain network in order to protect our users. We know that trust is earned and we look forward to the opportunity to earn yours.

What does that even mean?

The internet is essentially just a bunch of computers, each hosting data. When you want that data, you go to the appropriate computer and get it. It is then brought up for you to read, interact with, view etc. In the “cloud” each file is copied onto a handful of computers, and when you want it, it is displayed. To use an example, a really adorable cat picture. There would be copies of it on several computers in this cloud network, and when you wanted to see it, one of those computers would send it through the internet to your computer show it to you.

Blockchain works differently. Essentially, blockchain technology takes that data and scatters it all over the internet. It would turn the cat picture in the example above into a puzzle and then send each piece to a different spot on the network. When you want to see that picture, all of those different points on the network, all bring their pieces, put the puzzle together, show you the picture.

Basically, trying to get information that you shouldn’t be getting is like trying to put together a copy of a book, with each letter of the book being stored in a separate place, all across the world. The book is in another language that you don’t understand… and each person who has one of the letters doesn’t want to give it to you because you aren’t supposed to be reading this book.

Simply put, blockchain encrypts and scatters data, only bringing it back together when it is needed, by an authorized source. This is what makes it so hard to tamper with, to hack into or to fall into the wrong hands. As Good Fences grows, we intend to keep any personal data that you give us hosted on this technology so that you can continue to enjoy all of our features and services worry free.

What does Good Fences need to know about me in the first place?

Don’t worry, we aren’t trying to pry. In order for Good Fence’s algorithm to work properly, we need to know 2 key things. Where you are, and what you are interested in. Good Fences is designed to be a custom experience for each user, populating your newsfeed with the most relevant, most local information possible. This information will be put to use to enhance your experience and verify that you are not a bot, marketing ploy etc. We are taking these steps because want genuine community members able to interact with their friends and neighbors in a meaningful way, in the most user friendly way we can.