• Brian S.

Meet Good Fences

Good Fences is designed to be the next generation in social media. We aim to redefine what social media means to each person. A custom, curated experience, there are as many versions of Good Fences as there are users. Each individual user defines their interests, their friends/neighbors and their location. By defining where they live, what they like and who they want to connect with, Good Fences’ users are empowered to create their own social media platform that keeps them in touch with the communities, friends, neighbors and interests that matter most to them.

Your Good Fences newsfeed presents information from school closings, local festivals, group get-togethers, business recommendations, shared interests and more all based off the choices that you make and where you live. Don’t worry, we still have all of the elements of social media that you are used too, allowing you to share media, post your thoughts, join groups of like-minded people, chat with friends and all the other things you have come to expect from social networks. The result is a unique, individual experience focused on a local level.

Designed for Local

Where many social media platforms seek to connect people of similar interest from around the globe, Good Fences focuses on the information, friendships and community events that matter to its users in the neighborhoods and areas they live. Other social media platforms have tried to focus on local in the past, but ultimately, restricted users to predefined boundaries while excluding what users may themselves consider as their “neighborhood”. Good Fences has been designed for a “best of both worlds” approach, populating a user's newsfeed with the things that matter to them, according to them, locally to them.

How do we do this?

Good Fences uses a layered system to populate your newsfeed. The program prioritizes events/posts that you are most interested in (set by your personal interest settings), location to you (distance from your location), from the people you want to hear from (your friends and neighbors), meaningful and positive feedback from your community (our “Neighborly” votes system and finally the most recent information first (chronological order). All of this blended together means that every user’s newsfeed is unique to them, bringing and experience that is fit to you as an individual. Our location based programming works off of distance to location, rather than bordering you within political borders. So if you will be presented with events within X miles of you, rather than within “Anytown, USA”.

When can you use Good Fences?

Good Fences design is complete, and we are currently working on programming it all, so that you can change the way that you use social media. We expect to be launching our beta version in the fall of 2019, and moving onto our full launch by the end of the year. If you are interested in beta testing Good Fences with us, please subscribe and details on how to join the program will follow when the time is closer.