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Tips for throwing a memorable neighborhood bash!

Summertime Bash-time!

It is finally that time of year where summer is in full swing! We have longer days, hotter weather, and the kids now have a ton of free time. The weekends are wide open now and waiting to be filled with lifelong memories with loved ones! So, what is there to do?

We dropped a few ideas below for you that can be fun for people of all ages - kids, too! The best way to celebrate these parties would be to invite your neighbors and other local friends to join in! Make it a whole community ordeal - ask for them to bring small things like soda or chips. There is always the trusty potluck style you can do, but getting creative with food or setups can transform cordial neighbors into new friends. Coordinate with them about creating tables or the Outdoor Movie Setup that we have listed.

Having your neighbors or people in the community come together to celebrate with a summertime bash isn’t just a good time because they brought their grandma’s famous chocolate chip cookies! It helps engage you with your own community and for parents, it encourages your kids to become more social with people of all ages. Bonus points if those you invite bring their kiddos to make new friends!

Socializing with members of your community, you may find out about hidden gems within the area, church programs, or even new rules that are passing within the local schools. Having these conversations bring people together and allow for information to flow so everyone’s in the know! Introducing people to one another also creates a strong community where anyone can have a connection to others.

Without further ado, here are some effortless, yet entertaining ideas on how to throw together a great summer bash that can last all day and night!

During the Daylight

Burger + Taco Bar


Need a little something for everyone? Set up a fun buffet for burgers and tacos!

Pick out 3 types of burgers, so that there’s a little something for everyone! Try beef, turkey, and black bean/veggie burgers.

Dish out a few types of cheeses, veggies, sauces, and some fun, unusual toppings like pineapple, coleslaw, or pico de gallo.

Pro tip: To make it look a little more like something off Pinterest, try using Popsicle sticks to label different meats, bread, or sauces.


Tacos have never been easier to eat! Get 3 different flavors of fun-sized corn chips, we prefer to use types like Fritos and Doritos (nacho cheese and cool ranch flavors!)

Prepared some chili meat, sour cream, cheese, onions, and some tomatoes. Throw all of the ingredients into the little bags, shake it up, and enjoy having a taco that won’t make you worry if it cracks after one bite!

Pro tip: To look a little more professional with no hassle, hang up the chip bags on the wall with some string lights with little clips on them!

Polaroid Photo Booth

Here is an easy and simple way to remember a great time with loved ones!

All you will have to do is tack some extra fabric you may have onto the wall or an easel, if you have one. Decorate it with some balloons, glitter, or whatever else you may have lying around! Get creative and give it your own special flare!

To have some more fun with it, print out a few silly designs that you can cut out and glue to Popsicle sticks. Guests will have a great laugh and it allows for memories to be documented!

Water Balloon Buckets

Although this may keep the kids entertained, water balloon fights can ignite the kid in anyone!

Go to the local dollar store and pick up some children’s wagons or buckets and a couple packs of water balloons (make sure the funnel to fill them up is included!)

Break up into teams or have every man for themselves - then go to war! Not to mention this is also a fun way to cool yourself off!

Nighttime Hits

*Cue Kenny Chesney’s When the Sun Goes Down* Just because the sun is setting, doesn’t mean that the party has to end! Here are our favorite ways to keep the party going even when the stars are out.

Outdoor Movie Setup

What else is better than ending a day filled with festivities than settling in and watching a movie?

  • Set up a projector and a giant white sheet as if you are at an old-fashioned drive in

  • To save everyone troubles with the ground, lay down a couple of towels or sleeping bags as a protective layer

Pro tip: Blow up a few kiddie pools and stuff them full of pillows and blankets. They help keep grass, dirt, and other uncomfortable things out of the blankets and off of you!

  • Have popcorn, chips, and bottled waters/sodas around for easy snacks and drinks that have less chance to leave a mess or spill

  • Pop in your favorite movie or turn on The Office reruns and have a great rest of your night!

  • This works best if you have a yard to work with, but you could always bring the party inside if need be!

S’mores Bar + Campfire

What comes after the whole shebang? Dessert, of course! And nothing brings people together better than the magic of chocolate.

Have a whole table dedicated to setting up bowls of chocolate bars, marshmallows, and graham crackers. Mix it up by adding cookies and cream bars, strawberry marshmallows, or cinnamon crackers!

In a safe, fire-safe area - start up a fire and set chairs around it. Stick those marshmallows on a stick and roast them up over the flame. Not only will you be creating a delicious dessert, but you will be creating memories and conversations with those you love, snuggled around the fire.

We also have compiled a list of 10 songs that are great to blast for anyone of any age. They are fun, classic bops, and most importantly - you can’t help but to dance along!

For those about to celebrate the 4th of July, here are 10 more songs dedicated to our country!

Hopefully you have found some fun ideas that can translate into amazing weekends with friends, new and old! Any of these ideas can also be transformed into a great 4th of July party, too. Just add a ton of red, white, and blue and a couple of American flags and bam! Fireworks!

So, cheers to some incredible long, hot summer days and maybe even a couple long summer nights in 2019!